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Painful periods: herbal tea, grandmother's effective natural remedy!

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The Lab's medicinal infusion is the first infusion designed to relieve symptoms linked to the entire female cycle (not only period pain, but also ovulation, Premenstrual Syndrome, and painful associated pathologies such as endometriosis) created by the Endo Lab, in collaboration with a team of pharmacists and herbalists.

A synergy of 8 plants specially designed for endometriosis with benefits claimed by the DDPP and the Pharmacopoeia.

infusion of plants painful periods endometriosis

The infusion that relieves painful periods, but not only that!

Menstrual cycle pain

Symptoms linked to the menstrual cycle can be debilitating at various times during the cycle:

  • painful periods;
  • pain during ovulation;
  • digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhea, etc.);
  • “endobelly” type bloating;
  • urinary problems (pain, defective bladder, etc.);
  • chronic fatigue and anxiety, mood swings…
  • endometriosis symptoms

All this chronically at different intensities depending on the case.

These pains which make life difficult often have repercussions in different areas of daily life such as work, relationships and social life.

Floriane, suffering from endometriosis, created Le Lab de l'Endo to turn this suffering into strength, and help other women who could not find ways to relieve themselves naturally, as was the case for her for years. .

“If endometriosis has given me one thing: it’s to work on taking back the power of my body…”.

It wasn't easy, as it took many years of research, testing and patience to find the natural solutions that actually worked. Naturopathy, diet, food supplements, osteopathy, physiotherapy, stress management... Many keys were revealed to her little by little, allowing her to find relief from her symptoms over time.

So, putting her passion for plants to work creating a medicinal infusion to relieve menstrual pain, but especially other symptoms that may be associated with other times of the cycle, was obvious.

“I have always dreamed of finding an infusion that responds to all my symptoms, at the various periods of my cycle. Ovulation pain, period pain, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, endobelly, PMS, mood swings... It's true, we don't just suffer during our periods! », Floriane.

infusion of plants painful periods endometriosis natural treatment

A natural remedy for painful periods and menstrual cycle symptoms?

It's not "normal to suffer when you're a woman."

“I have endometriosis and I have long suffered from pain and discomfort both during my periods and throughout the rest of my cycle”, Floriane.

In this same process of questioning what we have always believed and heard until now as a woman, comes the revealing question:

“Who said the female cycle only lasts 7 days? »

Seriously ! The menstrual cycle lasts on average 28 days, but some have short cycles of 22 days, others long cycles of up to 35, 40 days.
Menstruation lasts on average 6 days, the follicular phase 9 days, the luteal phase 11 days and ovulation 5 days, but this varies for each woman.

The periods of the menstrual cycle phases vary from woman to woman. The associated symptoms too.

endometriosis painful periods infusion grandmother remedy

The Lab infusion is therefore not a simple herbal tea, it is a menstrual and digestive ally.

10 grams per day to drink cold or hot at any time of your cycle
It can be consumed daily, 10 grams per day to drink cold or hot at any time of your cycle to relieve the various symptoms linked to endometriosis or other cycle imbalances.

The iconic is also a beautiful floral bouquet to drink hot or cold throughout the day with complete peace of mind.

It was developed by a team of pharmacists and herbalists, it contains a synergy of 8 plant active ingredients to relieve these symptoms at any time of the cycle. Each plant has its benefits.

8 plants with benefits claimed by the DDPP & the pharmacopoeia
endometriosis infusion
Yarrow is used to soothe periodic abdominal-pelvic cramps in women.

Hibiscus is known to relieve mental and physical fatigue, and promotes gastrointestinal health.

Meadowsweet has soothing and relaxing properties.

Blackcurrant leaves, rich in antioxidants, help the body overcome stress and effort.

Chamomile soothes digestive disorders, menstrual pain and anxiety.

Angelica relieves digestive disorders, fights against fatigue and boosts immunity and decongests blood flow.

Peppermint is known for its tonic and digestive properties. It is also rich in antioxidants, which helps the body overcome stress and effort.

Elderberry is used to enhance the honeyed-flowery flavor of the infusion.
The dosage recommendation of 10 grams daily, to be consumed on the days of the cycle when one suffers, has been established by pharmacists to relieve the various symptoms that may be associated with variations in the female cycle: menstrual pain, ovulation pain, problems digestive, endobelly, PMS, chronic fatigue…

Who better than our testers to tell you about it?

For several weeks, we spoke with a group of 100 testers, here is what came out:

- Better digestion, less endobelly;
- Better energy, less fatigue;
- Less pain during periods and ovulation;
- Less anxiety, therefore less pain, also neuropathic, sexual

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