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The medicinal infusion 🎗

Symptoms ✅ Periods I Ovulation I Endobelly I Bloating I PMS

- Made in France 🇫🇷
- Most concentrated formula on the market
- Certified organic - 100% natural
- Developed by pharmacists & flavorists
- 8 active plants
- Whole plant bags 2.5gr
- Pharmaceutical dosage (10gr/d)
- Customer reviews 👇🏻

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Sachets containing 2.5 GR of whole plants , developed by our Production team for a pharmaceutical dosage

1 unique formula

8 plants for endometriosis selected and formulated with 1 team of pharmacists & 1 flavorist

tested & approved

By a group of 100 testers affected by endometriosis


ISO22716: Production according to BPFREC regulation 1223/2009: European cosmetic regulation

bcorp label

Bcorp labeled producer since 2022, the most demanding ethical & eco-responsible label in the world.

100% responsible

Pots: recyclable glass. Recycled & recyclable cardboard box

made in france

Blends made in France, by our French producer expert in natural health


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