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If you suffer from low libido, there can be many factors.

Low libido: why, what to do?

Reduced libido can be linked to pain during intercourse, other chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, relationship problems, hormonal imbalance, side effects of hormonal treatments, etc.

But it is not because we suffer, and we no longer have libido, no more desire, no more pleasure, no more excitement, that we must resign ourselves to gritting our teeth, putting on a good face. , and put the other's desire first while forgetting our own!

Redefining your sexuality is essential to escape the vicious circle of low libido: No, not all sex has to end in an orgasm, or include penetration, there are plenty of other ways to exchange pleasure.

Don’t hesitate to listen to our podcast episode on the subject (available on all listening platforms: “Endometriosis, taboos... #etthen”)!

In addition to consulting a doctor to assess the medical possibilities, follow-up in sex therapy/psychotherapy is recommended to provide you with the support and psycho-emotional support necessary to reconnect with your libido.

What medical and therapeutic follow-up?

This recommendation does not replace medical advice; if you have symptoms, we invite you to consult a specialized professional.

For medical follow-up, if you are looking for a gynecologist/midwife specialized in endometriosis, you can send an email to the associations which have contact lists and consult the directory of private midwives, the pointgyn, gyn&co site , mapatho...

(FAQ on endometriosis treatments available at the bottom of the page ⬇️)

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