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If you regularly suffer from neuropathic pain, this symptom may be linked to endometriosis.

Neuropathic pain: why, what to do?

Neuropathic pain (or neurogenic pain) affects 4 million people in France.

They reflect damage to the nervous system, therefore via the brain, spinal cord or nerves: they are compared to tingling, numbness, burning, which can go as far as electric shocks.

This pain is defined by numbness and tingling, more or less intense, which can go as far as a burning sensation and an electric shock.

Their intensity and location depends on the nerves and tissues affected (crural, sciatic, or pudendal).

They may be the result of a surgical procedure that damaged nerve endings or medications that had a neurotoxic effect.

Neuropathic pain also affects 40% of patients with endometriosis, making it a significant symptom of the disease.

Neuropathic pain is one of the complex pains to relieve, but there are aids to relieve attacks.

In addition to consulting a doctor to review medical solutions, physiotherapy follow-up is recommended to treat the causes in depth and hope for real well-being in the long term. Specific yoga positions and self-massage can also help reduce the intensity of pain.

And according to recent studies, due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, cannabldiol (CBD) is the most effective natural solution for calming neuropathic pain.

What medical and therapeutic follow-up?

This recommendation does not replace medical advice; if you have symptoms, we invite you to consult a specialized professional.

For medical follow-up, if you are looking for a gynecologist/midwife specialized in endometriosis, you can send an email to the associations which have contact lists and consult the directory of private midwives, the pointgyn, gyn&co site , mapatho...

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