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Painful periods, ovulation, PMS...

Discomforts can be temporary or chronic. They can be linked to the menstrual cycle, but not only during periods. Painful periods are often linked to digestive disorders, fatigue, other pain (low back, urinary, vulvar, etc.), but also ovulation or PMS.

soulager douleurs endométriose

“Weak” discomforts

soulager douleurs règles chroniques endométriose

“Moderate” discomfort

soulager douleurs règles intenses endométriose

“Intense” discomfort

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Fatigue, bloating, intimate discomfort...

Beyond the discomforts (menstrual, lumbar, intimate, neuropathic, etc.), there are also symptoms that can ruin our lives. Fatigue, digestive disorders, reduced libido, anxiety... To soothe these discomforts, we offer natural aids such as hemp (oil, balm), plants (medicinal infusion), therapeutic heat (hot water bottle), treatments ( massages, intimate)...

Menstrual cycle

Painful periods, ovulation pain, PMS...

Lower back pain

Pulling, heaviness along the back, iron bar in the lower back...

Digestive disorders

Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, "pregnant belly"...

Intimate discomforts

Dryness, vulvar, urinary, vaginal pain...

Neuropathic pain

Pain along a nerve (arm, leg: cruralgia, sciatica, lower abdomen, etc.)


Exhaustion, difficulty getting up, finding energy, even after having slept 8 hours...

Low libido

Manue of desire, feeling of disconnection with one's body, its pleasure and its sensuality


Feeling of stress, of feeling unwell at times or chronically, whether there is a reason or not