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The pill is the most used method of contraception in France, and it is also the recommendation of health professionals in gynecology to relieve the pain of endometriosis and adenomyosis, particularly those aimed at stopping periods. (Dienogest molecule). (A specific hormone-releasing IUD can also be offered to those who wish.)

The pill can help in some cases of endometriosis to prevent/slow the progression of lesions, but no scientific study has proven that this is the case for all types of endometriosis. In certain cases, the lesions progress despite the pill, the symptoms can continue to be painful, or even be combined with side effects that are sometimes disabling in daily life (pain, mood swings, depressive state, fatigue, water retention, drop in blood pressure). libido...).

According to the Ifop* study, in 2018, 37% of French women used the pill, compared to 41% in 2013 and 45% in 2010. If the pill was indeed a revolution in terms of sexual emancipation for women at a period, it is increasingly questioned by the latter who wish to consume less and less hormones which modify the natural functioning of their body and can have physical/emotional consequences.

The recommendation of the pill as first-line treatment for pathologies of the menstrual cycle such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS or even PMDD is also increasingly questioned by patients but also by doctors.

Promising treatments are being studied with the therapeutic target of reducing oxidative stress to prevent endometriosis from progressing.

Multidisciplinary therapeutic care is recommended (naturopathy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, sophrology, etc.) to soothe the symptoms and help reduce the factors that aggravate pain (inflammation, oxidative stress, psychosocial stress, hormonal imbalance, etc.). It must be supplemented by regular follow-up with his/her health professional and imaging examinations.

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