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If you suffer from lower back pain, this symptom may be linked to endometriosis.

Lower back pain: why, what to do?

Lower back pain or lower back pain, particularly during the menstrual cycle, is often associated with endometriosis, and with even greater recurrence, with adenomyosis. Lesions, for example positioned towards the uterosacral ligaments, can pull on the sacrum causing lumbar dysfunction and pain.

In addition to consulting a doctor to evaluate the medical possibilities, follow-up in physiotherapy and osteopathy is recommended to benefit from the many techniques available to rehabilitate / soothe the lumbar area.

What medical and therapeutic follow-up?

This recommendation does not replace medical advice; if you have symptoms, we invite you to consult a specialized professional.

For medical follow-up, if you are looking for a gynecologist/midwife specialized in endometriosis, you can send an email to the associations which have contact lists and consult the directory of private midwives, the pointgyn, gyn&co site , mapatho...

(FAQ on endometriosis treatments available at the bottom of the page ⬇️)

FAQ Treatments for endometriosis